Tips for preventing freezing of vegetables in winter

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In winter, the temperature is low, and vegetables are attacked by low-temperature cold currents, frosts and other bad weather during the growing period, which often lead to the death of plants and diseases, which often bring great economic losses to the growers.

1. Select good varieties and cultivate more soil. When planting vegetables in winter, you should choose varieties with strong cold resistance, and try to choose a warmer plot that is sunny and sheltered from the wind. At the same time, cultivating the soil next to the roots in combination with cultivating can not only loosen the soil, increase the soil temperature, but also protect the root system and enhance the vitality of the root system.

2. Apply organic fertilizer and strengthen coverage. Before frost, use pig, cow dung or soil fertilizer and other heat-insulating farmyard manure, and cultivate it in a circle at the rhizomes of vegetable trees, which can increase the soil temperature by 2 to 3 degrees. At the same time, spray plant nutrient solution to improve the cold resistance of plants.

3. When the temperature is the lowest in the early morning, you can light some antifreeze candles in the greenhouse to raise the temperature. Although this measure does not have a great impact on the indoor temperature, it can significantly reduce the temperature of temperature-loving crops (leafy vegetables, melons, solanaceous fruits) at critical times. In addition, lighting antifreeze candles can also supplement part of the light.



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