New Antifreezing Method for Fruit Seedlings in Winter

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In winter, the temperature dropped, and many fruit trees and seedlings were damaged because of poor freeze-proof measures in some orchards. In order to prevent frozen fruit trees from destroying seedlings in winter, reduce losses and increase the income of fruit growers, the relevant scientific research departments and experts have summarized the following 10 effective new methods for fruit tree frozen prevention through years of practice, which can be used by fruit growers everywhere, especially in northern areas.

First, the early application of basic fertilizer is one of the key measures to prevent frost and increase efficiency. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the application of base fertilizer in orchards, and early and deep application should be carried out.

Secondly, trunk whitening: trunk whitening is carried out in late October. The preparation method of whitening agent is lime 10, sulfur powder 1, salt 1, vegetable oil 0.1, water 20. After mixing evenly, the trunk and branch branches are brushed.

Thirdly, cover with plastic film, cover with grass: For 1-3-year-old saplings, cover with plastic film 1-meter square before frost falls, and then cover with grass 15-20 cm above the plastic film, which can not only increase soil temperature but also maintain soil moisture.

The fourth is rootstock soil cultivation: before freezing, the above-ground part of the tree should be cultivated at the junction of the underground part, and the thickness should be 20-30 cm, which should be removed when freezing next year.

Fifth, wrapping the tree body: before the arrival of the big freeze, wrapping the trunk with straw rope, wrapping the main branches or bundling the trunk with straw can effectively prevent the invasion of cold currents, and burning them centrally when thawing the grasses next spring, which can not only prevent the freezing but also eliminate the overwintering pests.

Sixth is pre-freezing irrigation: about 10 days before freezing, the orchard is irrigated once in winter, because winter irrigation can increase soil temperature, but also maintain soil moisture, so that the soil temperature can be stabilized, both cold and cold water can be used in spring, to prevent spring drought.

The seventh is to ignite against frost candles: against frost candles should be used at night in cold winter. Around 12 o'clock at night, the against frost candles should be ignited, and the against frost candles situation should be controlled to avoid long-term burning and fire.

Finally, we should build shelter forests: use shelter forests to improve orchard microclimate, reduce wind speed, inhibit drought, reduce frost damage, and build shelter forests with combination of tree and irrigation, evergreen trees as the ideal. In addition, the snow on trees should be shaken in time after snowfall, and the snow should be piled on the roots of trees to make the soil water and heat preservation.

against frost candles


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