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1. Apply white antifreeze. After the leaves are fallen, the trees in the orchard that have been put on the shelves are painted white, mainly applying the trunk and branches. Whitening agent formula: 10 parts of water + 2 parts of quicklime + 1 part of stone sulphur mixture + 0.5 parts of salt + a small amount of animal and vegetable oil.

2. The roots of the soil, the main package is anti-freezing. Before the soil is frozen, all rhizome soils are protected from cold in the kiwifruit garden; for the saplings that have been put on the tree, the trunks can be wrapped with corn stalks, newspapers, protective bags, cotton cloth and other means to prevent freezing. Do not dry with poorly permeable materials, such as plastic bags.

3. Clean up the snow in time. After the snowfall, clean the tree volume snow in time to avoid the buds being frozen; the vines can not be tied too early, after the vines are tied flat, the buds are prone to freezing damage after the snow on the branches. It is usually best to tie the vines after the sap begins to flow in the middle and late February.

4. Timely winter shears, appropriate increase in the amount of stay. Listen to the weather forecast in time, adjust the winter pruning time according to the climate change. It is recommended to pruning in the late December-March month. In recent years, due to the greater impact of freezing damage and ulcer disease on kiwifruit, the amount of staying branches can be appropriately increased. -20%, after the germination, further thinning according to the situation.

5. Timely winter irrigation. Watering in time before strong cooling can reduce the harm of freezing damage.

6. Spray antifreeze. After the defoliation of the orchard and the pruning, the antifreeze of the fruit trees is sprayed 1-2 times in the whole garden, which can effectively reduce the damage of freezing damage.

7. Ignite against spring frost candles. Prepare enough against spring frost candles in your orchard before the cold weather arrives. Ignite these against spring frost candles at night, and then replace a batch of against spring frost candles the next day, so that your trees can spend the fewest cold days.

against spring frost candles


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