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After the winter, the weather will gradually become cold. The winter trees planted in the north of the Yellow River are not resistant to low temperature grapes, pomegranates, figs and other fruit trees. If you do not do the protection work, when the cold air comes, it will suffer from different degrees of freezing damage. Only the anti-freezing measures of the fruit trees can ensure the good growth of such fruit trees. Let's talk about the anti-freezing technology and experience of the fruit trees.

1. Spray the foliar fertilizer in time after harvesting the fruit to enhance the tree potential and strengthen the cold resistance of the tree itself.

2. Pay attention to the input of organic fertilizer, while controlling nitrogen, stabilizing phosphorus, increasing potassium, and supplementing micro (micro elements). The comprehensive nutrition of organic fertilizer can improve the ground temperature and is beneficial to freezing and cold protection.

3. Pour the frozen water on time. Before the arrival of the frost, a large amount of water in the orchard soil can effectively avoid winter frost damage.

4. Spray antifreeze before the frost or when clearing the garden. The components of the antifreeze are generally sugar, urea, gibberellin, boron-containing trace elements plus a small amount of hormones.

5. Create a microclimate in the orchard. The quicklime is crushed by a machine, packed into a 5~7.5kg small bag in a plastic bag, and dispersed in the orchard in advance. Before the frost comes, the whole garden is filled with water in the afternoon, and then the high boots are worn in the orchard at two in the morning. Lisa white ash, lime see water will generate a lot of heat, protect the tree from freezing damage.

6. Ventilation or blowing. There is no frost in places where ventilation and wind power are high. The low-lying orchard is seriously damaged by freezing, while the fruit trees on the mountain are not easily frozen. If conditions permit, a large blower can be used to disperse the cold air that collects in the orchard to prevent the tree from freezing.

7. Ignition and smoke. The smoke generator can be mixed with sawdust or diesel (90%), sulfur (2%), waste diesel (3%), potassium nitrate (5%), covered with leaves and grass, and the effect of smoking is particularly good. At present, there are also commodity intelligent cigarette barrels on the market, which can be tried.

8. Buried soil to prevent cold. In the colder winter areas (previously, the fruit trees have frost damage areas), the fruit trees can be bent or the whole plant can be buried in the soil to ensure safe wintering; the fruit trees that cannot be laid off or laid down should be as much as possible in the root and neck. Keep out the cold.

9. Prepare enough antifreeze candles in advance. Most areas began using antifreeze candles in March-April to protect the trees against cold. As an anti-frost candles wholesaler in China, we start producing antifreeze candles for the next year in October of each year. If you want to use antifreeze candles in March-April next year, please be sure to contact us before October of this year. Give us enough time to produce enough antifreeze candles for you. Of course, if you need antifreeze candles now, you can feel free to contact us. We will do our best to serve you.

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