Winter and spring vineyards antifreeze measures

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1. We will irrigate the antifreeze before the arrival of winter. In the early spring, we will add appropriate amount of re-green water to improve the water condition of the trees and alleviate the temperature difference and air humidity changes caused by sudden changes in winter and spring climate. .

2. Use salt 1kg + quicklime 3.5~5kg + water 45kg to make salt lime emulsion, then whiten the trunk to reduce the absorption of solar energy by trees and delay the sprouting of trees.

3. Before the fruit tree is germinated, spray 0.25%~0.5% potassium naphthaleneacetate solution on the branches to inhibit flower bud germination and improve cold resistance;

Before the spring and night frosts, 0.3%-0.6% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution was sprayed on the sprouted fruit trees to enhance the cold resistance of the stamens.

Winter orchards need to be stable, and these comprehensive antifreeze measures are very important!

4. Apply a protective film of the drug (such as carboxylic acid methylcellulose) to the surface of the tree to reduce water loss in the branches.

5. Around the winter, around the tree tray, cover 1 to 2 square meters of mulch, and use the soil to bury the film to reduce evaporation of root water and increase soil temperature.

6. Before entering the winter, at a distance of 0.5 m from the trunk, make a curved windproof wall with a length of 1 to 1.5 m to reduce the damage of the cold wind to the rhizome.

7. After the Qingyuan, the whole orchard is covered with mulch, which can not only prevent freezing damage, promote early germination of trees, control weeds, but also increase the yield of fruit trees and go public in advance.

8. Set a certain number of anti-frost candles at intervals. This is the best measure for freezing in winter and spring orchards. The remaining steps can be omitted, but this step cannot be ignored. As an against spring frost candles wholesaler, we have accumulated many years of manufacturing experience, and our antifreeze candles have the longest burning time. I hope that these technical points can help the growers' healthy fruit trees to survive the winter and have a good output in the coming year.

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