What measures can be used to prevent icing?

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1. Trunk bale: wrap the citrus trunk around with straw, and the height of the bale is 1 to 1.5 meters. If a film is placed around the straw, the effect is better. For the trunk of the tree, be sure to remove the bundle before the summer season after the temperature rises. Otherwise, it is unfavorable to plant growth and can cause pests and diseases.

2. The ground cover: the use of straw, leaves, weeds and other items in the citrus orchard covered with a layer, is conducive to increase the ground temperature, reduce the damage of freezing on the roots of trees. The thickness of the cover is preferably 2 to 4 cm.

3. Clay soil: Since the citrus grafting interface cannot be buried in the soil, it must be exposed. The citrus clam is generally thinner. Clay soil can increase the temperature of the crotch, protect the root system, and reduce the damage of the crotch to the crotch. The thickness of the covering soil is preferably 6 to 10 cm, and the width of the covering soil is preferably to cover the ankle. Before the summer season, the soil will be transported away.

4. Scaffolding antifreeze: for low-lying and vulnerable to frost damage to varieties, young trees, in addition to the main bundle of grass, you can also take the whole tree scaffolding anti-freezing method. When scaffolding, in addition to leaving the sun ventilated and ventilated, it is necessary to cover the upper side and the other three sides. The whole plant tree can also be covered with agricultural film to make it into a greenhouse. After the temperature rises, the agricultural film should be removed immediately to avoid scalding the leaves or plants too high.

5. Smoked smoke insulation: use sawdust, weeds, leaves, rice husks, dead branches and other materials to ignite and let it burn, let the smoke cover the orchard, so that it forms a thermal insulation layer, which can improve the temperature inside the garden and reduce the citrus The degree of freezing damage. Generally, when setting up a smoke stack, the small orchard arranges 3 to 4 per acre, and the large orchard arranges 1 to 2 per acre.

6. Against spring frost candles insulation: our against spring frost candles can burn more than 8 hours per barrel per night. So you don't have to worry about getting up at night to replace and ignite new against spring frost candles.

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