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Each fruit tree has its ecological characteristics, and the indicators for low temperature tolerance are also different. When the temperature is below the limit that they can tolerate, the fruit trees will suffer from freezing damage. Even if it is suitable for planting in a suitable area according to the agro-climatic zone, fruit trees will still suffer from freezing damage in the year of strong cold current. If planted in the sub-suitable area or unsuitable area, the fruit trees are often frozen and damaged, and the light flower buds are frostbitten, which affects the annual yield, and the heavy branches or the whole plant freezes.

Therefore, antifreeze is an important task in the winter management of fruit trees. The methods are various, and many methods are summarized based on local application experience. After induction, there are mainly the following 10 types.

1. Fertilize the tree

Early application of base fertilizer is one of the key measures to prevent frost and increase fruit trees. It can nourish and strengthen trees and enhance the ability of fruit trees to resist cold. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the application of base fertilizer in orchard. It is important to promote early root application and deep application to promote root absorption, prolong leaf photosynthetic life, increase photosynthesis and increase nutrient reserves. The base fertilizer should be based on the fermented farmyard manure (organic fertilizer), combined with the application of quick-acting fertilizers such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The artificial fertilizer or artificial application of the granular fertilizer is suitable for artificial or mechanical application.

2. Irrigation before freezing

The principle of releasing a large amount of latent heat when using water to cool down is to immerse the orchard once in the soil before freezing and freezing, which is beneficial to water storage and waterlogging, calming the ground temperature, preventing frost damage of fruit trees and reducing the source of overwintering insects. The amount of winter irrigation should be such that all water is infiltrated and saturated with the root distribution layer (40-60 cm) on the day of irrigation. After irrigation, the soil moisture is maintained at 60% to 85% of the maximum water holding capacity in the field.

3. The trunk is painted white

Before entering the winter, use the whitening agent to evenly whiten the trunk and main branches of the fruit tree to prevent freezing and sunburn, and to kill germs, eggs and adults hidden in the trunk. The preparation method of the whitening agent is 10 parts of quicklime, 1 part of sulfur powder, 1 part of salt, 0.1 part of vegetable oil, and 20 parts of water. It is advisable to prepare the whitening agent to be dry and moderate, so that it is not suitable for spraying. When applying the brush, it should be meticulous and thoughtful, so that the whitening agent can penetrate into the skin seam, especially the diseased branches, bark seams and branches should be painted.

4. Surface coverage

Covering the rows of fruit trees with straw, wheat straw, hay grass, corn stalks, etc., it can block the cold wind from invading the root neck, and can also reduce the evaporation of soil moisture, and play a role in protecting and warming. When covering, the straw and other coverings should be cut into small sections of 15-20 cm long, covered evenly and covered with a layer of soil to prevent the wind from being blown away. For 1-3 year old saplings, the mulch of 1 m square can also be covered in the tree tray before the frost, which can maintain the soil temperature and humidity.

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