Three details of apple tree orchard winter management

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The year is spring, but for an apple, the winter orchard management is the beginning of the next year. The apple orchard needs to be taken seriously in addition to the conventional comprehensive management, as well as the pruning, clearing and antifreezing of apple trees. Some of the details that are easily overlooked can't be sloppy.

1. Prevent rot disease, and make fruit trees white and freeze-proof.

For high-latitude and high-altitude apple orchards, the whitening of the trunk is not only to interrupt the winter migration of insects, but the most important thing is to prevent decay!

The whitening of the fruit trees can reflect the sunlight of the trunk, reduce the temperature difference between the day and night of the trunk, prevent the occurrence of freezing damage, and reduce the occurrence of rot in the spring. The correct method of whitening is to carefully scrape the disease spots on the fruit trees, dead skin and disinfect and then white, all the trunk and the main sun's sunny surface should be painted.

2. Pruning tools to prevent the spread of pathogens.

Some fruit growers will find that the orchard that has been growing for many years suddenly has a mosaic, a face virus or a rot in the sawing mouth. What are the causes of the pathogen in addition to the piercing mouthparts and wind and rain?

In the management of apples, we have always mentioned the disinfection of the pruning tools, but due to the cumbersome and complicated operation of the operation, many fruit farmers or pruning professionals have not paid attention to it, and this has become a way for various pathogens to spread, leading to new orchards. The emergence of viral diseases, rot diseases and branching lines.

3. After careful inspection after falling leaves, do not leave hidden dangers for the coming year

After the leaves, the trees began to dormant, but even the spores of the rot in several cold days spread in wet weather such as snow and fog. Therefore, do not rush to whiten the trunk. First, conduct a thorough and detailed inspection of the fruit trees. The fruit trees should be cut, the scars, and the big branches should be inspected. After carefully scraping the disease spots and dead skin on the trees and applying the medicine, In the spring, before the germination of the fruit trees, the whole tree sprays a stone sulphur mixture and other scavengers to protect the tree body, which is the key to prevention and treatment of rot in the coming year.

Finally, another effective way to prevent freezing of fruit trees is to ignite China vineyards antifrost candles at night. However, when using China vineyards antifrost candles, be careful not to put the against spring frost candles too close to the fruit tree to avoid burning the fruit tree.

China vineyards antifrost candles, against spring frost candles


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