Prevent freezing damage in advance to ensure citrus safe winter

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Many people often have such misunderstandings. After global warming, the probability of citrus freezing damage will be much smaller. But in fact, it is precisely because of the abnormal climate change, extreme weather is frequent, citrus freeze damage seems to be more serious than before in recent years.

Once the citrus is frozen, the tree will be greatly reduced, the pests and diseases will increase, and the output and quality will fall sharply, even if it is not harvested. Therefore, it is very necessary to understand and master the relevant preventive measures for citrus antifreeze.

1. Reasonable site selection: The basic principle is to develop suitable citrus varieties in suitable areas. For places where frost damage is more likely to occur, citrus production can be developed using a favorable small-area climate such as the Dashan barrier, the southern slope of the hilly hills, the inversion layer of the mountain, and the surrounding area of ​​the large water body to reduce the damage caused by the freezing damage.

2. Set up windbreaks: Windbreaks such as windbreaks and windbreaks can improve the microclimate of orchards, block cold air intrusion, effectively reduce wind speed, slow down temperature, increase air humidity, and reduce the risk of freezing damage.

3. Root neck soil: Before the frost comes, use the turf soil near the tree tray or the piled soil mixed fertilizer to carry out the root neck artificial soil, depending on the size of the crown, bauxite to the upper 15-20 cm of the root neck, can effectively avoid the root The neck (married interface) and the trunk suffered from freezing damage.

4. Irrigation before freezing: It can increase the specific heat capacity of the soil and the air humidity of the orchard. It has a good effect on suppressing ground radiation and delaying the temperature, and can raise the soil temperature by about 1 °C.

5. Smoke and frost protection: After the rain and snow weather turns fine, it is easy to appear low temperature frost weather, resulting in a sharp drop in nighttime temperature and aggravation of orange frost damage. Smoke can be used to warm up and reduce the effective radiation of soil in the smoke, reducing the impact of frost on citrus.

6. Cover film anti-freeze: cover film can cut wind, reduce water evaporation such as leaves, has a good anti-freeze effect, it is best to frame, not directly covered.

7. Ignition of China vineyards antifrost candles: generally used before the cold air comes and resumes after freezing. As a professional antifrost candles manufacturer, our China vineyards antifrost candles can burn for more than 8 hours at night. Buy it now for the next year's orchard.

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