Orchard antifreeze wax has low cost and good effect

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1. For the fruit tree greenhouse facilities that do not require winter protection, such as grapes, cherries, kiwi, plum, etc., withdraw the covered film;

2. For the fruit tree greenhouse facilities that need winter protection, such as strawberries, dragon fruit, citrus, etc., timely reinforcement, and pay close attention to the weather changes, in the event of disaster, under the premise of ensuring personal safety, take appropriate measures for manual protection ;

3. Actively carry out disaster relief and self-rescue for the facilities that have been damaged last time, and repair and reconstruct them by machine;

4. For damaged fruit trees, remove damaged branches and branches, strengthen cultivation, and promote their recovery.

Against spring frost candle is the key to antifreeze measures. Each against spring frost candle can burn for more than 8 hours at night. So you don't have to worry about your fruit trees being affected by freezing damage on cold nights. If you can do the antifreeze in the orchard, then you will not need the above four cumbersome steps.

The against spring frost candles has a low cost effect. As a professional anti-frost candles manufacturer, we hope that you can choose us when considering the antifreeze of fruit trees. We are from China, but we will sell China's anti-frost candles technology to each cold place.

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