Measures taken to prevent cold weather

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1. Smoked tobacco method. The orchard smoke can reduce the radiation emission of soil heat, resist cold air intrusion, increase the temperature in the orchard, and improve the orchard microclimate. It can be mixed with flammable crops such as orange stalks, hay, fallen leaves, rice bran, etc., and 3-5 piles are piled up in each acre orchard. When the night temperature drops to 0 °C, it can be ignited.

This method is obviously very old, and it may have been using fumigation in ancient times. More and more orchard managers are now more inclined to ignite against frost candles than flammable crops. As an antifrost candles manufacturer, we have exported our against frost candles to more than 20 countries. According to our customers, this method is more effective than other methods. Each barrel of against frost candle can burn for more than 8 hours. It just protects the fruit trees from the cold nights.

2. Apply white method. This is a commonly used method. Whitening the trunk in early spring can effectively reduce the absorption of solar energy by the tree, slowing down the temperature of the tree body, and delaying the sprouting of the tree bud.

3. Irrigation method. Irrigation of the orchard can significantly reduce the ground temperature and delay the germination and flowering of the fruit trees.

4. Soil dressing method. Combined with fertilization in winter, the soil around the trunk is 40 cm high and is shaped like a skull. Wrapping the trunk with straw or plastic film also has a significant effect on the anti-freezing of the fruit tree.

5. Spraying method. Before the germination of the fruit trees, spraying the branches with 0.25%-0.5% potassium naphthaleneacetate solution can inhibit flower bud germination and improve cold resistance. Spraying 0.3%-0.6% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution on the flowering fruit trees before the spring cold and night frost comes, can enhance the cold resistance of the flower. It can also be combined with the prevention and control of pests and diseases, and timely spray a low concentration of salt water on the canopy, which can prevent pests and diseases and effectively reduce the freezing damage of flower buds.

6. Windproof method. A wind-proof barrier is set up at the tuyere of the orchard to protect the tree from or from the harsh weather such as cold and night frost, and to reduce the occurrence of frost damage to fruit trees.

7. Covering method. Cover the fruit trees with plastic cloth, straw curtains, banquets, crepe cloths, etc., retaining the scattered geothermal heat, blocking the invasion of the external cold, thus reducing the frost. This method is most suitable for use in young orchards or low dry dwarf trees.

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