Kiwifruit early spring night frost damage prevention measures

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Freezing damage can cause certain damage to kiwifruit shoots, flowers and fruits, and may cause diseases, affecting the growth and yield of kiwifruit trees. The main remedies for preventing low temperature hazards and freezing are as follows:

1. Delay smear. After the germination of the plant, the germination work is suspended. When the low temperature is approaching, some new shoots may be damaged, resulting in the failure to grow normally. After the low temperature is over, the damaged new shoots are removed first, and then the buds are budded according to the situation to ensure the number of shoots and the yield of the year.

2. Watering the orchard. According to the local climate change law, the parks that are prone to cold springs should be watered 1-2 times before and after germination of kiwifruit, which can lower the ground temperature and delay sprouting. Before the low temperature comes 2-3 days, the whole garden irrigation is carried out to increase the heat capacity of the orchard and reduce the cooling range of the orchard.

3. The crown sprays water. The conditional orchard sets up a sprinkler irrigation system on the surface of the shelf. When the temperature drops to 2-3 °C on the day, water spray begins, and the temperature of the tree is maintained by the water temperature.

4. The orchard smoked. Before the arrival of the cold current, prepare for stacking firewood in the kiwifruit garden. A pile of wet firewood piled up every 15-20 meters in the upwind of the orchard line, 6-7 piles per acre, and the temperature dropped to 2- at night. Ignite at 3 °C, can not open fire, let the smog permeate the entire orchard, last until dawn, not only can reduce the radiation cooling, but also increase the heat of the orchard, to prevent the "cold spring" effect.

5. Strengthen the ventilation of the orchard. For orchards without fumigation conditions, especially in low-lying areas, to prevent cold air deposition, it is necessary to strengthen the ventilation conditions of the orchard.

6. Spray foliar fertilizer. For kiwifruit trees in the germination to flowering stage, spraying water-soluble compound fertilizer or 0.3%-0.5% potassium dihydrogen phosphate aqueous solution before the freezing damage can not only increase the frost resistance of the tree, but also cause the tree to suffer from freezing damage. After that, it can recover quickly.

7. Spray antifreeze. 1-2 days before the onset of low temperature, the whole garden sprays antifreeze, which can improve the ability of new shoots to resist freezing damage and effectively reduce the damage of freezing damage.

8. Ignite against spring frost candles. 1-2 days before the onset of low temperature, you need to arrange the against spring frost candles around the fruit trees. The specific interval also depends on whether your fruit trees are planted densely and avoid waste. We are professional against frost candles manufacturer in China, and we have sold our high quality against spring frost candles to all over the world. We hope that more fruit tree managers can get more benefits. So if you need to buy against spring frost candles, please feel free to contact us.

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