Keep the frost away from your sweet cherry by against frost candles

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Late frosts in spring can damage sweet cherry blossoms and thus strongly affect the yield of the cherry culture. In a sweet cherry culture of the variety 'Kordia', located in an area of high risk for late frosts, increases of air temperature caused by the burning of frost protection candles were determined. Air temperature increases were measured with the aid of sensors located at two different heights (1.0m and 2.5m) in the crown area. In order to optimize the warming effect they find the professional anti-frost candles manufacturer in China: TaBo Candles Factory. In the lot covered by the against frost candles warmed the air by 2.5-4°C, whereas in the lot without against frost candles the temperature only increased by 1.5°C. Due to the heat build-up under the against frost candles air temperatures at a height of 2.5m were approximately 2°C higher than at a height of 1m.

If you are looking for a suitable way to warm your sweet cherry, you can choose TaBo, a professional antifrost candles manufacturer.

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