How to protect your fruit trees against frost in winter?

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In recent years, due to the lack of snow in winter, the frozen layer of the earth is deeper, and the fruit trees are most vulnerable to freezing. This poses a great threat to the production of fruit trees. In order to increase the yield of fruit trees and improve economic benefits, we will introduce the winter antifreeze method for fruit trees in several years. :

1. Early application of base fertilizer: Practice has proved that special attention should be paid to the application of base fertilizer in orchard and the application of early application and deep application to improve the utilization rate of fertilizer is extremely important for high yield and high quality of strong trees, especially for soil warming and accumulation of storage nutrients. advantageous.

2. The main body is white, can prevent frost damage: the main white coating is carried out in late October. The preparation method of whitening agent is 10 parts of quicklime, 1 part of sulfur powder, 1 part of salt, 0.1 part of vegetable oil and 20 parts of clear water. Brush the trunk and the backbone branches.

3. Covering the mulch, covering the grass: For the 1-3 year old saplings, cover the mulch of 1 m square in the tree plate before the frost, and then cover the mulch with 15-20 cm of grass, which can increase the soil temperature and Maintain soil moisture.

4. Roots and soils: Before the freezing, the soil is planted at the junction of the upper part of the tree body to the underground part, with a thickness of 20-30 cm. It will be removed during the next year.

5. Tree wrap: Before the arrival of the big freeze, the straw is wrapped around the trunk, and the main branch or the trunk is tied with grass, which can effectively prevent the cold current from invading. In the coming spring, the grass will be burned in a concentrated manner, which will prevent freezing and eliminate the disease of wintering. insect.

6. Irrigation before freezing: About 10 days before the big freezing, a winter irrigation is carried out on the orchard. The winter irrigation can increase the soil temperature, and the soil moisture can be maintained, so that the soil temperature can be stabilized, and the winter water can be used for prevention. Spring drought.

7. Smoke smoke warming: smoked smoke should be used in the coldest night in winter, burning with sawdust, crushed firewood, etc., igniting around 12 o'clock at night, pay attention to control the fire, with dark fire smoke is appropriate, generally a lot per acre At 3-4 fire points, the smoke method can be used to increase the temperature by 3-4 °C.

8. Spray naphthalene acetic acid: spraying naphthalene acetic acid solution in early spring can delay the development period and avoid the danger of frost.

9. Clear the tree volume Snow: After snowing, shake the snow on the tree and plant the snow on the roots of the tree to keep the soil warm.

10. Build a shelterbelt: use shelterbelt to improve the microclimate of the orchard, reduce the wind speed, inhibit the drought, reduce the freezing damage, and create a shelterbelt to adopt the combination of arbor and irrigation. The evergreen tree is the most ideal.

11. Set against frost candles between your fruit trees. The against frost candles can burn more than 8 hours overnight. When the tempreture lower, you can burn more against frost candles. As a professional against spring frost candles wholesaler in China, we can produce and wholesale enough against frost candles for you.

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