How to prevent grape anti freezing in winter?

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The freezing damage has a great influence on the grapes. In the winter, the low temperature and the cold spring will cause damage to the grape branches, roots and shoots. The frozen grape is germinated late, the bud is not neat, the new growth is weak, the flower bud differentiation is poor, and the fruit setting rate is low, which seriously causes the plant to die and causes the harvest. So how does the grape winter freeze? What are the antifreeze times and antifreeze measures for grapes?

Grape antifreeze time

In the final analysis, grape frost damage is still a climate issue and belongs to the category of mechanical damage. The freezing damage occurs at different times, and the location and situation of the damage to the tree are different. In addition to the summer, there are freezes in the other three seasons. In the spring of March and the beginning of April each year, the exposed grapes are prone to freezing damage. During this period, the buds have not sprouted, but as the ground temperature rises, the sap begins to flow and there is a flow of injury. The freezing damage, the tissue structure of the branches are frozen, and the cells are damaged. It is generally believed that the spring pumping is caused by the uneven absorption of water in the upper and lower parts of the tree. In fact, the freezing damage is more serious when the sap begins to flow.

There is also a situation in spring freezing damage. After germination, the branches and leaves are in the two to three-leaf stage or larger. The freezing damage in this period mainly acts on the branches and leaves. Once the freezing damage occurs in this period, all the yields of the year will be lost. It has a profound impact on the grapes of the coming year. Even if the late bud germination, some varieties with good flower bud differentiation will have some yield, and the quality is difficult to reach the quality of the main bud germination fruit, which often causes the tree to weaken and must be discarded.

According to past experience, the freezing and cold-proof areas in the north often occur in the first half of November. The Huanghuaihai area south of the Yellow River mostly occurs in late November. The type of frozen is mainly the damage of the buds. The ground temperature has not decreased enough during this period. The temperature range of freezing damage, that is, below -8 degrees, is only often distributed on the surface of the soil and does not reach deep into the soil. The situation of the bud eye is different. This period is the yellowing and deciduous period of the grapes south of the Yellow River. The trees often do not undergo cold-resistant exercise. The cold wave suddenly comes. With snowfall or freezing rain, the tree body can hardly bear the weight of cooling, especially the temperature difference is more than ten degrees. Sudden cooling, the freezing damage is more serious.

Winter grape damage is a complex type, temperature reached -14 degrees, buds, branches, trunk freeze damage, below -8 degrees, root damage from roots, -11 degrees, Bada root freezing damage.

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