How does peach prevent frost and cold spring?

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Prevent frost and cold spring: Because peach trees bloom earlier, it is easy to encounter cold spring. At this time, we must pay more attention to the weather forecast. When the cold spring is about to come, we can water the orchard or sprinkle the canopy. If you are experiencing extreme weather, you can also use the tree cover to protect the peach trees.

1. Irrigation and heat preservation: watering before the cold wave, lowering the ground temperature, can delay the flowering time;

2. Tree protection: use the whitening of the trunk and the shade net to protect the canopy to reduce the impact of cold damage on the plants to prevent the fruit trees from being frozen;

3. Fog and fog: When the cold wave comes, it burns in the orchard to make smoke, so that the smoke is filled in the garden, which can reduce the freezing damage.

4. Ignite the against frost candles: Prepare sufficient against frost candles in time before the frost and the cold spring arrive. This not only effectively avoids the damage that frost causes to the fruit trees, but also responds to sudden cold and cold weather. As an against spring frost candles manufacturer, we can wholesale enough against frost candles to your country.

First, rationally allocate pollination trees and strengthen artificially assisted pollination. Although some species of peach trees are self-sufficient, some of them are cross-flowered. Therefore, when cultivating peach trees, a certain number of pollination trees must be allocated. This allows for a higher rate of fruit set by artificial pollination.

Second, timely supplementation of fruit tree nutrients. In the flowering period, more organic fertilizer should be applied to enhance the nutrient reserve of the peach tree, so that the flowering period can be enriched, so that the fruit setting rate can be improved. Boron fertilizer and foliar nutrition supplement: Boron deficiency can cause flower dysplasia, poor fertilization, causing serious fruit drop in the early stage of flowering. Therefore, in the early stage of peach tree flowering, the boron fertilizer and foliar fertilizer were supplemented in time to promote the flowering fruit; the supplement of exogenous hormones was carried out: the peach tree and the flower preserved fruit were treated with alizarin + gibberellin. It is used twice in the initial flowering stage and the young fruit stage of the peach tree, using 1500~2000 times liquid spray, with an interval of 7~15 days.

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