How do fruit trees against freeze in winter?

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Generally speaking, after entering the winter, due to the ineffective measures of some orchard antifreeze, many fruit trees have been frozen and destroyed, accounting for more than 20% of the total number of fruit trees, causing great economic losses for fruit farmers. In order to prevent fruit trees from freezing in winter and reduce losses, here we introduce some methods for antifreezing of winter fruit trees.

Whitening the trunk: Whitening the trunk can protect the trunk and reduce frost damage. The preparation of whitening agent can be prepared by using 30 kg of quicklime, 2 - 3 kg of sulfur powder, 0.5 kg of agricultural salt and flour, a small amount of vegetable oil and 100 kg of water.

Bundling the soil: The soil around the trunk is about 40 cm high and is shaped like a skull. It is better to take some soil, preferably with organic fertilizer such as Shitang mud and muddy mud. Before the big frost, use the straw, straw rope to wrap the trunk, the main branch or make the grass to bind the trunk, prevent the cold wind from invading and reduce the freezing damage.

Tree cover: Cover the tree tray with straw, wheat straw, corn stalks or weeds to protect the ground and increase the ground temperature. Laying mulch or leaves or chaff or sawdust within 1 meter around the trunk has a good effect on improving ground temperature and preventing frost damage to fruit trees. For saplings, it is best to use a film to prevent freezing: insert a curved bracket every 100 meters or so, cover the plastic film, and compact it with soil.

Fertilization and cold protection: Drought weather often aggravates the citrus frost damage. Local areas can be adapted to local conditions, and a “winter water” can be used to reduce the freezing damage, restore the tree potential and enhance the ability to resist damage, combined with irrigation and winter fertilizer, and winter fertilizer is mainly organic fertilizer. Increase the proportion of phosphorus and potassium, and the amount of fertilizer should be supplemented according to the amount of the result. For re-frozen trees, the fertilization period can be postponed appropriately; in addition, all localities should do a good job in winter clearing, prevent pests and diseases, and protect the unfrozen healthy leaves from wintering. After the spring, the fruit trees should be topdressed in time, mainly based on nitrogen fertilizer, using human excrement, diligent application, thin application, adding new branches and new leaves, promoting fruit tree growth and restoring tree potential.

Smoked tobacco heating: Collecting materials on site, collecting weeds, chaff, sawdust, fallen leaves, etc., 4-6 piles per acre, covered with wet grass or thin mud, ignited before the windless sunny night, producing smoke and inhibiting radiation Countercurrent to prevent frost, but this measure must ensure fire safety.

Spray protection agent: First, spray with stone sulphur mixture, or use oil emulsion to mix and dilute spray with dichlorvos and dimethoate, so that the agent can be evenly attached to the blade to prevent freezing and pest control. Second, spray before low temperature freezing damage occurs. Paraffin wax 5 times emulsion, or 150 times carboxymethyl cellulose solution to protect antifreeze 2 - 3 times, can seal the branches of pores, reduce water loss, prevent pumping, delay fruit tree flowering period, increase tree juice concentration, thus Enhance cold resistance.

Anti-freezing in winter irrigation: After the fruit is harvested for one and a half months, when the soil freezes and freezes, the trenches are dug between the rows of fruit trees, and then the water is drenched in the ditch. The amount of water is better before the night, so that it can be used for spring and spring. Drought and promote the growth and development of fruit trees, and water storage, so that the ground temperature during the cold wave is relatively stable, thus reducing the freezing damage.

Clear snow: Some places are cold and snowy, heavy snow is easy to bend or break branches, branch bends, branch breaks will increase frostbite of fruit trees. Therefore, after the heavy snow, the trunk should be shaken in time, and the snow should be shaken to ensure the fruit trees survive the winter.

Ignite vineyards antifrost candles: The antifreeze candles we produce burn more than 8 hours per barrel per night. And the antifreeze candle is easy to use, you just need to put it in the right place and ignite it at the right time. In fact, there is no workload, which is equivalent to patrolling the orchard and igniting the anti freeze candles while walking.

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