Grape frost damage prevention measures

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1. Dormancy period

(1) Buried or tree protection

About 10 days before the soil is frozen, the soil is buried and cold-proof, or the grape plants are simply covered, such as black film + 30 cm corn stover, single-layered quilt, straw curtain, etc.

(2) Potting frozen water

This is a key water for anti-freezing. Before wintering, combined with ditching and applying base fertilizer, pouring water to improve the soil moisture, so that the ground temperature during the winter is relatively stable, thus reducing the freezing damage.

(3) The trunk is painted white

After the fruit is picked, the trunk and the main branch are uniformly whitened to stabilize the temperature of the tree body, preventing freezing and killing germs, eggs and adults hidden in the trunk. The coating liquid should be dry and moderate, so it is not suitable for spraying.

The preparation ratio of the whitening liquid is: 100 parts of quicklime, 10 parts of sulfur powder, 10 parts of salt, 1 part of vegetable oil, and 200 parts of water (by weight), and the mixture can be uniformly mixed.

2. Growth period

(1) Selection of cold resistant rootstocks and fine varieties

Choose cold-resistant varieties and medium-early-maturing varieties: such as Riesling, Guirenxiang, Chardonnay, Late Red Honey, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, etc., which are originated from high latitudes, and new breeds in cold countries. Cold resistant varieties. Or take a high temperature resistant rootstock to avoid cracking of the trunk.

(2) Choose the appropriate garden site

When constructing a new vineyard, consider the role of topography and climate in preventing freezing damage. If possible, choose a place where the leeward sun is sunny, and avoid building a garden with a concave or concave slope.

(3) Reasonable pruning

Reasonable pruning can not only improve the yield and quality of the grapes, but also enhance the nutrient accumulation of the trees, so that the branches can be enriched and the cold resistance can be improved. Be sure to apply a protective agent such as petroleum jelly to the sawing opening to prevent the cut from freezing due to low temperature.

(4) Timely harvest

In order to ensure the accumulation of nutrients in the grape in the same year, it should be harvested at an appropriate time. If the harvest is too late, it will affect the storage of nutrients in the tree, which will cause freezing damage to the tree.

(5) Strengthen the management of fertilizer and water in the later stage

In the later stage of growth, strengthen the management of fertilizer and water, and increase the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. It can be applied early in the autumn to apply organic fertilizer, and after the harvest, foliar spray fertilizer can be used to improve the nutrient storage of the tree, which is conducive to the safe wintering of the tree.

(6) Increase effective leaf area and improve nutrient manufacturing supply

The blade is the factory that manufactures photosynthetic products. The number of machines determines the amount of nutrient manufacturing. It is necessary to keep enough leaf curtains. The height of the main tip leaf curtain is at least 1.2 meters, and the top wire is topped out on the fourth wire. Simplify the secondary tip trimming. Manually cutting the secondary shoots for mechanical pruning; retaining certain new leaves in the later stage, and balancing the nutritional supply level.

(7) Timely prevention and control of pests and diseases

Strengthen pest control, protect leaves, improve photosynthetic efficiency, accumulate nutrients, promote shoot maturity, and improve winter resistance.

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