Fruit trees frost protection measures

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Protect young frost-sensitive trees by wrapping the trunks and branches with insulating material such as palm fronds, cornstalks, cardvoard, or fiberglass. During wet weather, an outer covering of plastic film helps keep the insulating materials dry, but plastic alone provides very little frost protection. Cover the trunks from the ground level up to the main branches. Keep the ground around the trees as clean and as free from mulch, weeds, and ground cover as possible. Bare, moist soil radiates more heat than soil blanketed with mulch or ground cover, and this radiated heat helps protect trees from frost.

In cases where severe frosts are predicted, a 100-watt lamp ( designed for outdoor use ) placed in the interior of the tree will emit enough heat to reduce frost damage. Holiday lights are a festive alternative. Make sure your garden soil is moist. If the soil has good drainage, run a aprinkler system slowly or furrow-irrigate through the night. The water gives off heat, and this can help protect the trees from freezing. Also, damp soil retains heat better than dry soil, protecting roots and warming the air near the soil.

Commercial growers use large fans or wind machines to protect citrus trees from advective frosts caused by temperature inversions. The fans mix the layers of warm and cold air, raising the temperature at the surface. Wind machines, however, are seldom practical for a backyard gardener with a few trees.

If citrus trees sustain frost damage, don't prune away dead wood or remove the trees in early spring. Wait several months in order to assess the full extent of the damage and to allow the trees to recover during warm weather. As new foliage begins to grow in the spring and early summer, frost-killed twigs and branches will become readily apparent and can be pruned out without removing viable portions of the tree. Postpone heavy pruning until the following year, so that the trees are able to regain thier full canopy.

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