Fruit tree antifreeze and cold protection has 7 strokes

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1. Cultivate the soil to prevent cold: In winter, the adult tree trees are cultivated to the root neck, and the young trees are buried in the soil to the trunk to protect the roots and the roots from safe wintering.

2. Covering the mulch: The plant sprays a new high-fat film and covers the root of the fruit tree with a black mulch film, which can play a role of heat preservation and moisturization, thereby protecting the fruit trees and roots from cold protection, so that the roots grow well to reduce cold damage.

3. Fumigation antifreeze: thick smoke during the use of straw or grass stalk smoke between the rows of fruit trees, can reduce frost.

4. Reasonable irrigation and drainage: Where there are conditions, reasonable irrigation is carried out. In the case of a sunny frosty day, the ditch should be filled with water in time to maintain the anti-frost effect; on the contrary, in the case of wet and cold weather, the water in the orchard must be removed in time to improve the ground temperature so as not to affect the root growth and affect the growth of the plant.

5. Strengthen soil management: After the weather is fine, we must do a good job in clearing the garden, remove the frozen and dead plants and the dried fruit leaves in time, spray the whole tree to protect the trees, disinfect and reduce the source of the bacteria; timely loosen the soil and cultivate the soil. To make the orchard soil loose and breathable, in order to facilitate the growth of the root system.

6. Whitening of the trunk: Before the soil is frozen, the soil, the big branch and the center of the trunk are brushed with white agent, the young tree with incomplete tree crown, the south side of the tree trunk and the tree fork are heavy. Painted, can play the purpose of antifreeze.

7. Add orchards antifreeze candles for your fruit trees. Set some vineyards anti frost candles around your fruit trees. Each against frost candle will burning last 8 hours at night. Bulk against frost candles from TaBo, a professional against frost candles manufacturer in China.

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