What are the common freezing injuries of fruit trees?

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What harm does cold winter do to fruit trees?

When fruit trees are attacked by cold weather, their branches and roots will be damaged to varying degrees. Next spring, they will show late germination, irregular germination, weak shoot growth, poor flower bud differentiation, and decline in fruit yield and quality. Therefore, it is the fruit tree management to do a good job in winter antifreezing. An important link.

First of all, we need to know what is the situation that is prone to freezing damage, and take measures according to the causes.

1. Branches are not fully mature and have low cold resistance, which leads to the occurrence of frost damage. This phenomenon is mostly due to the use of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer is not well controlled, there is excessive, and other elements are not timely replenishment caused.

2. The nutrient deficiency of the tree decreases its cold resistance. On the one hand, this phenomenon is caused by excessive results, heavy load, high nutrient consumption and insufficient nutrient for supporting the tree body to survive the winter safely; on the other hand, it is caused by insufficient use of base fertilizer in autumn or not being used at the time node, resulting in the tree body can not store enough nutrients in the tree body before the arrival of cold weather.

3. The frequent occurrence of diseases and insect pests leads to the decrease of tree resistance, which also causes the frequent frost damage in winter, especially some branch diseases, such as gummosis, rot, canker and so on.

4. The influence of external environment. Speaking of this, we have to say that the frost at the beginning of this year, because after the weather warmed up, the sudden cold killed a rifle, resulting in the tree body can not be adjusted in time, the phenomenon of frost damage.

In recent years, more and more orchard managers choose to light against frost candles to raise the temperature of the environment around the fruit trees. This method adopts physical method, which is convenient and effective.

against frost candles


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