Are you doing antifreeze measures for fruit trees?

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The cold wave is coming. Are you doing antifreeze measures for fruit trees? "The snow is good snow, but the wind is not serious." When people are hotly discussing the forecasting style of the China Meteorological Administration's grounding gas and how to deal with the cold wave, the seedling farmers are more worried about the winter frost damage fruit trees affecting the annual output, and some have made precautions. Good anti-freezing measures for fruit trees, and some have not received enough attention. Let's share some common anti-freezing measures for fruit trees.

1. Early application of base fertilizer

Fertilization is divided into two types: base fertilizer and topdressing. As the name implies, base fertilizer is the basic fertilizer for providing nutrients to fruit trees. The base fertilizer is divided into spring application and autumn application. Autumn application pays attention to an early word, usually applied before and after the autumnal equinox, early application, deep application, nourishing and strengthening trees, improving soil porosity, raising low temperature, enhancing the cold resistance of fruit trees, and growing in the future. Lay the foundation. The autumn base fertilizer is mainly humic acid fertilizer, which is applied by open ring or trenching.

2. Winter irrigation insulation

According to the general thinking, there is no need to drink water for plants when it is wet in winter. Why is winter irrigation an effective measure for preventing frost on fruit trees? The folks circulate the saying that “the orchard is not winter, the frost is affected by the drought; the orchard is filled with winter water, and the beauty of the spring is open”, the benefits of winter irrigation are extremely high. The heat capacity of water is larger than the heat capacity of soil. Irrigation can increase the surface temperature. Winter irrigation increases the soil moisture, which can avoid the dry freezing caused by water shortage in winter. The water can accelerate the ripening of organic fertilizer and facilitate the nutrient absorption of trees.

Winter irrigation time is also critical, preferably after harvesting the fruit until the soil is frozen. Winter irrigation methods include well irrigation, rooting, irrigation and gully, etc. Fruit farmers can adopt corresponding methods according to their own conditions.

3. The soil cover

The cover of the soil surface is well understood. Straw, corn, wheat and other crop straws are covered between the rows of fruit trees. This is like adding clothes and quilts, increasing body surface temperature, preventing wind and freezing, and releasing the organic matter released by the straw. Also become part of the base fertilizer. After laying the straw, you should also cover the straw with a layer of soil to avoid being taken away by the “unfair wind”.

4. The trunk is wrapped around the rope

Trunk rope is a common measure for fruit trees to prevent freezing. Walking on the street, you can also see some of the trunks of trees tied with straw ropes. This is the way to wear long pants and keep warm. Before tying the rope, it is best to sterilize the straw rope and soak it in lime water for a day or two to avoid carrying the bacterial virus against the tree.

5. Canopy coverage

Crown cover is also common, especially for young trees. Young trees have weak cold resistance. After the rainstorms, they may die. Therefore, special care should be taken for the young trees, and the film should be covered in the canopy, or a greenhouse can be built. Wait until the spring is warm, and let the wind blow in the tear film.

6. The trunk is painted white

Brush the whitening agent on the trunk and main branches. There are several advantages to whitening. The first is to keep warm and freeze, reflect the sun, avoid sunburn and freeze, and secondly, treat the pests that are prepared to winter in the tree. The whitening agent can be prepared according to the following preparation methods: 10 kg of quicklime, 1 kg of sulfur powder, 1 kg of salt, 0.1 kg of vegetable oil, and 20 kg of hot water.

7. Clear snow

In the winter, there are many rainy and snowy weather in the north. There are snow on the trees. The snow is too thick. The lighter people will increase the freezing damage. In severe cases, they will directly bend and break the trunk branches. Therefore, if there is continuous snow accumulation, it should be cleaned up immediately and the snow should be shaken off. It should be noted that the fruit farmers and staff should pay attention to their own safety when cleaning up the snow, and they must do a good job of keeping warm.

8. Bulk purchase against spring frost candles

You can buy some anti-freeze wax in bulk to prevent cold weather. We are against spring frost candles wholesaler and manufacturer, so you will get more antifreeze wax at a reasonable price. Overwintering is a ridge of fruit tree growth. The anti-freezing measures of fruit trees are mainly based on physical methods, and can be comprehensively applied to protect the harvest in the coming year.

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