Anti-freezing technology for young orchards

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Young fruit trees are underdeveloped, with little sugar accumulation in the body, weak cold tolerance, low temperature in winter and early spring, and extremely vulnerable to freezing damage. Affect the normal increase and production increase in the following year. Therefore, anti-freezing measures should be taken for young orchards.

1. Irrigation before freezing. Irrigation before freezing can effectively improve the ground temperature and reduce the degree of frost damage. Irrigation is generally carried out 10 to 15 days before the soil is frozen. Do not fill the water after freezing, so as not to aggravate the freezing damage. The amount of irrigation should be such that there is no obvious water accumulation on the surface after the water flows, so as to prevent the root damage and affect the plant's resistance to stress.

2. Apply fertilizer. Fertilization can increase cytoplasmic concentration, lower freezing point and reduce freezing damage. The amount of fertilizer applied should account for 50% of the total fertilization amount in the whole year. It is mainly composed of organic fertilizer, with a certain amount of quick-acting phosphorus and potassium fertilizer and trace element fertilizer. When the weather is dry, a small amount of water can be poured to facilitate root absorption.

3. Defend the crown. The trunks and crowns are wrapped in plastic textile bags, old sacks, etc., or most of them are blocked on the windward side, and the effect of freezing damage is also reduced.

4. Foliar spray fertilizer. In early spring, fruit trees are still dormant, roots are poorly sold, foliar spray fertilizer can increase nutrition, improve cold resistance, spray fertilizer should be based on phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, such as 1% superphosphate solution 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate Solution, 2% grass ash solution.

5. Set a protective wall. In the north of the orchard, a fence of 1.5 to 2 meters or a temporary protective wall for the straw can effectively slow down the wind speed, improve the microclimate between plants, and reduce the freezing damage.

6. The branches are painted white. Use 0.5 kg of quicklime to water 3~4 kg, add a little salt, smear the trunk and big branches, use white to reflect sunlight, reduce the temperature difference between day and night, and prevent freezing damage.

7. Soil and root protection. Soil can increase the ground temperature, avoid root freezing damage, and effectively protect the trunk base interface. The thickness of the soil is 15~25 cm. Combined with the soil, the ground is covered with straw and rotten grass to reduce the ground temperature and the antifreeze effect is better. The temperature slowly rises before and after the Ching Ming Festival. At this time, the soil will be dug.

8. Shake the tree and shake the snow. When it snows, the snow on the tree can easily bend the branches, or form ice skating, causing ice between the cells and freezing the leaves and branches. Therefore, the snow should be shaken immediately after the snow stops.

9. The main tie is tied to grass. Use the rag, wheat straw, straw, etc. to tie the trunk and the large side branches together tightly, and add a layer of plastic film on the outside to prevent frostbite of the epidermis, especially the saplings affected by pests and diseases and mechanical damage.

10. Make smoke. When the cold wave is coming, the wind is suddenly falling, and the flammable materials such as branches and leaves are piled and lit at a certain distance in the garden, so that the whole orchard is covered in diffuse smoke, which can raise the temperature in the orchard and promote the cold. Antifreeze effect, however, the burning time of inflammable materials such as branches and leaves is not long, and the residual time of smoke will not exceed over one night. As a professional anti-frost candles wholesaler, we can produce enough against frost candles wholesale. Our against frost candles can burn for more than 8 hours and they can guarantee you a good night's sleep. You don't have to go to the night to re-ignite the smoke. Our against frost candles are enough for you to enter a long dream.

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