6 steps for autumn and winter orchard management

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The first step: clean up the orchard.

Many pests and pathogens overwinter in the garden litter and tree weeds. For example, the big green leafhoppers lay eggs under the branches of the tree trees for wintering. The eggs of the apple aphids overwinter between the buds of the current year. The leaf-rolling moth is overwintering in the lobes of the tip of the shoot, and the golden moth is overwintering in the leaves. Therefore, it is very important to enter the winter garden. In the early winter, it is necessary to thoroughly clean up the pests, dry branches, fallen leaves, rotten fruits and weeds in an orchard in time, and concentrate them in deep burial to eliminate hidden dangers.

The second step: fertilize to the orchard.

The amount of fertilizer applied to fruit trees in autumn and winter should account for 70% of the annual fertilization of fruit trees. Between early September and early October, if fertilization is not applied during this period, it is recommended that in the spring of the second year, the soil be fertilized in time after thawing. In the middle of the row furrow, the ditch is 40 cm deep and about 40 cm wide, avoiding the thick roots of the tree. Fertilizer ratio: 4000 kg of decomposed farmyard manure, 200 kg of bio-organic fertilizer, mixed and applied.

The third step: irrigation.

In the middle and late December, it is necessary to fill the frozen water. After the fruit trees are deciduous, after applying the base fertilizer, it is necessary to flood the orchard and pour the orchard. After the water has been infiltrated, the soil is buried deep to save water.

The fourth step: trimming.

Winter pruning is an important part of the orchard winter tube. Different trimming techniques are used depending on the species. In addition to cutting off long branches, dense branches, overlapping branches, broken branches and diseased branches, large modifications should be made according to the improved spindle-shaped tree structure and different tree ages. Pay attention to cultivating the skeletal structure of the saplings, choose the backbone branches at all levels, and long-term or light-cutting of the auxiliary cultivating branches; adjust the contradiction between vegetative growth and results for the hanging fruit trees, and use the results of auxiliary cultivating branches, timely and appropriate Retracted. Pay attention to rejuvenating and updating the branch group, stabilizing the tree potential, so that the tree tends to moderate the moderate and stabilize the output. At the same time, we must pay attention to the "thinning" orchard. We must carry out thinning on the dense planting garden to make the tree body ventilate and light, and improve the yield and quality of the fruit.

Step 5: Apply white.

In the winter, the trunk should be painted white. Before the whitewashing, the garden should be further cleared, and the fruit trees with large age and many cracks in the skin, such as grapes and pears, can be peeled and scraped.

Step 6: Purchase against spring frost candles.

This is the most important part. Because if your orchard is accidentally frosted, the output will drop, which will directly lead to your income being too low. As a China against frost candles manufacturer, we hope that you take effective antifreeze measures and take your orchard seriously. This will bring you direct benefits.

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