6 measures for anti-freezing of fruit trees

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Many orchards, especially young fruit trees, have different degrees of frost damage every year, which affects the yield, but causes the production or dead trees in the next year, causing unnecessary losses to production.

Measure 1: Watering before freezing

Before the soil is frozen, pour the antifreeze water once and pour it through; after freezing, it is not suitable to refill the water to avoid freezing damage.

1 The tree body fully absorbs and stores a large amount of water, which can slow the transpiration of water in the winter tree.

2 Increase soil moisture, improve orchard microclimate, reduce or avoid sapling, draining or dying.

3 For mature trees, pouring water to prevent freezing water is good for germination, leaf and flower bud differentiation, flowering, and fruiting.

Measure 2: buried in the cold

Before the soil is frozen, the young trees with poor cold resistance should be trimmed, dropped, trenched, and buried. The depth, width and length of the ditch are determined by the size of the tree. Generally, the depth and width are 30-50cm, and the thickness of the surface layer is 15-20cm.

The young seedlings are large or adult fruit trees, and the branches are hard and can not be pressed down. That is, the soil is piled up with the base of the tidal soil, and the soil pile is 30-40 cm above the ground to carry out the root neck soil.

Note that when the soil is buried, the soil surface should be smooth and tight, and the wind will not leak.

Measure 3: Trunk binding and antifreeze

Before entering the winter, the trunk or main branch is wrapped with straw rope, which can prevent the cold wind from invading and reduce the loss of water in the trunk.

Before winding, it is best to immerse the entangled material in lime water for 1-2 days to prevent the pests from invading the fruit trees.

Measure 4: Smoke smoke warming

Smoke should be carried out in the cold winter night. The fuel is ignited at around 12 o'clock at night with sawdust and firewood. It is necessary to control the fire. It is better to use dark smoke and smoke. It is not possible to use an open flame to prevent fire.

Generally no less than 3-4 fire points per acre. The fumigation method can increase the temperature of the orchard by 3-4 °C.

Measure 5: Trunk painted white

Beginning in the middle and late October, combined with the Qingyuan, a layer of white protective agent is generally applied to the trunk and main branches of the fruit trees.

1 Enhance the ability to reflect sunlight, so that the temperature difference between day and night becomes smaller, preventing or reducing the "frost injury" caused by sudden changes in the temperature of the trunk and main branches;

2 kill the trunks, the wintering pathogens and eggs on the branches, and prevent winter pests and diseases.

Measure 6: set antifrost candles

If you have not prepared the above measures in advance, then you should choose the sixth measure: set a certain amount of antifrost candles around your fruit trees. We are a factory specializing in the production of against frost candles in China. We offer a large number of antifrost candles around the world.

If you can make antifreeze measures for your fruit trees in winter and spring, your output will increase greatly.

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