4 points of winter orchard management

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First, clean your orchard or vineyard.

1. Combine pruning to remove litter, pest and disease tissues, concentrate on burning.

2. Plowing the soil. The ploughing of the orchard is beneficial to improving the physical and chemical properties of the soil and helping to kill the pests and diseases that are overwintering in the soil, but less damage to the roots.

3. For fruit trees with large age and many cracks in the skin, such as grapes and pears, they can be peeled and scraped.

Second, pruning your orchard or vineyard.

After a year of fruit tree growth, it is easy to cause tree-shaped disorder. In order to form a good canopy structure, prolong economic life and achieve high quality and stable yield, it is best to trim the deciduous fruit trees in the winter from late December to January. Generally, saplings and trees are lightly cut; aging trees and trees are weakly re-cut; for the peak period of the results and moderate tree trimming, the growth and results of the next year are adjusted.

Third, spray sterilization.

Orchards are more or less infected with pests and diseases during successive years of production. In the early winter, insecticidal sterilization should be based on the principle of prevention and prevention, so that the fruit trees are not affected by pests and diseases, and the fruit trees are thriving.

In order to eliminate and eliminate the breeding and breeding of pests and diseases, the orchard should be thoroughly cleaned after the fruit trees enter the dormant period. The dead leaves with pests and diseases in the garden are cleaned and burned or buried deeply.

Autumn fruit trees, whether purchased or exported, must pass the physical quarantine of the phytosanitary department. All seedlings with pests and diseases will be destroyed, and those who pass the test can be traded and cultivated.

Fourth, set anti-frost candles.

Anti-frost candle is a must for winter and spring orchards. They can continue to burn all night to provide heat to the fruit trees. This is almost one of the most convenient methods for orchard managers. If you are well prepared, your orchard production will increase. What are you still hesitating? Now there are discounts for bulk purchase of orchard antifreeze candles.

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