How do winemakers prevent frost by against frost candles?

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The anti-frost candles provide perfect frost protection for orchards and vineyards in cold spring times. The heat produced by the anti-frost candles warms up the cold air by streaming in that prevents the flowers and small fruits from any frost damages, and by this any crop losses. These candles were developed in cooperation with growers in order to reach the best effect and economical state against frost. We manufacture our anti-frost candles using either paraffin or wax as a base material and our clients can choose from a variety of anti-frost candles depending on their needs. Paraffin is a traditional material used for candle making ensuring long burning time, while wax has an advantage of less smoke emission.

Frost is a particuarly big risk for cool climate wine regions, where it can severely damage the newly emerging buds.

In Champagne, losses of 20% in some areas and up to 50% in others have been reported by vineyard managers recently. It also is a frequent problem in areas like Chablis, the Loire and also the UK. But the past week has seen hundreds of hectares damaged much further south, too, in places like Languedoc-Roussillon on the Mediterranean coast.

Here’s some techniques of how winemakers seek to limit frost damage on their vines.

They use ‘antifreeze candles’ – large against frost candles which give off enough heat to create air movement which prevents a frost pocket forming.

Their vineyard team stay up overnight, constantly checking the weather stations for sign of a frost and when the temperature does drop, they must quickly head out to the vineyard to light the bougies.

against frost candles


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